How to Apply Acrylic Nails on Yourself

Nail Art Designs . a student had inquired about how do you do your own nails there are a few tips as a nail technician we always give our hand left hand forward if you're right-handed we always present this one take a look at that looks best so I'm going to give you a few tips on how to do the hand that you are predominant in when you're filing with the opposite hand that.

You're not very good at use this hand mostly to do the motion so rather than using your drill which were not is so good at try to use the opposite hand and this is bracing by holding this part we literally move the finger don't move the drill move the finger especially when you're talking car by bit don't want to cut yourself and and and and mixing acrylic you look at monitor with your with your ball is a smaller ball you want to get too big of a bowl because it might be just too much to handle especially when you're doing your opposite end clean it off right away that's part of your learning and then start molding it right away as soon as you can't flatten it as soon as you can to the cuticle but when you flatten the cuticle make it as thin as you possibly can that's the trick of a good film right nice and thin near the cuticle and I find the flattening motion as much as you can over and over and over is the best sometimes you get your brush wet get a little bit of liquid between.

The cuticle and your acrylic and see if you can fly and get the body of the brush barrel of the brush some say belly of the brush and just kind of push it over and flat so i can do this beat a little bit dryer because I'm molding and I'm trying to make it wider you get a pretty good angle here and i'm going to you can see I'm going to flatten that ball and pushing it right to the side and i'm going to make it nice and square these nails are going to be squared so to roll it over the top a little you don't have to do this in one ball if you can then you're good at doing your own nails but of course doing your own nails as hard that's why I'm trying to give you a few extra tips and doing your nails is an advantage because when people see them and hold gorgeous they are you can promote yourself the full advantage of doing ok I think he's happy enough you know it's a little bit wonky can see that this side is more square this one is missing so I'm going to do the same effect a dryer ball bead this bead sounds better I'm gonna do a dryer be taking away the moisture on your paper towel and then just molded it into making it a bit square you can do this with a form but this one doesn't really have to have a form but if you want to have a form yes go ahead it will see underneath you will have to use it underneath bit and it comes to the island part sometimes natural nails that are you know already long they've already taking shape and then really sometimes really talk to form ok so now we're good.

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we'll just smooth that off and now we'll start following don't use your drill - hi you want to go on a low setting most people think if you use a drill really hot you cannot file through a lot of stuff but you're just going to burn so just nice and low and then what we want to do is brace your hand embrace your filing hand and again you can use more of the momentum of your hand as opposed to the drill soon as I just set the drill into one position and just move my finger and then as time goes on you will get better at moving the drill as well especially around the cuticles and stuff you just keep doing it until you get the look that you're looking for when you're shortening again it's kinda hard sometimes it this way and then always keep checking because it's really easy to go cricket ok so just keep fine it may take you half an hour to be for the TV show on and just go for it just keep piling up it's hard to find an angle it works sometimes I will even put a bottle of polish on so I can brace myself rather than holding in there that helps to have to get better that really helps with the pinky he just does not have enough strength to hold itself up for you ok so i've done all the major filing there are all shaped and thin the way I want them to be and they matched his hand pretty much and now i'm just finally nice and smooth i'm not going to joke with them i'm just going to publish them so I just nail polish that is so I just want to go to the market so it's not just finishing now and then I'll put some oil on them and again when you're filing it's easier to move your prominent and then it is the file this I find this really opportunity but you can do it but we're just not as good at it this arm has all the strength right this is what you're used to so just do move this hand I find is the easiest way to do it so now we're going to polish it totally dried make sure that mr. super super dry and waiting to the cuticles so as if I can't with all the colors and purples I can't find a new that I like so i tend to always blame to the news are two nude and the soft drinks or too soft so I find I like to put a coat of the new Don and then a code other two of the pink on to sort of give the color than I'm looking for I know that's kind of silly but that's just what I like don't put it up here it's too much put it here and then you can go back the least amount of strokes as possible and more it just makes it streak I'm just putting the top coat of pink on which is what I like just to give it a nice paint color while topcoats the easiest can't go wrong with top coat if you do have any streets code actually can smooth out the colors a little it isn't a bit of an advantage there you go then

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