How To Shape Your Nails

Nail Art Designs . i want to show you how to fine-tune the nail shape if you don't get this right it can make or break a look at the film let's get started so a lot of clients when they come into the salon you probably do this to you want to change the shape up or you want to shorten what you already have because they've grown out right so you want to get that length that you started off with back so to show you i'm going to the studio and I'm lengthened a few here to show you what we could do a very popular right now is the coffin last day so with this coffin shape a lot of clients will come in its cool that's pretty long right and if it started back here now it's grown up to here they'll often come and say they want the shortened so when you first look at your life home.

I guess one way to shorten it would be to just sort of get the size down the shortened but i find the best way to shorten it is to establish the length first so literally file off the tip part of what you want by establishing the length first then you can take her in your sides so let's say this one they wanted to come down as much as it's grown and usually people coming in between three to five weeks growth funny enough to see our how fast it grows so she wants to shorten it approximately let's say before with average growth and if you're the client that's what you want you want to short it that much.

So i'm going to take this down as much as it's grown like day now if your hand filing it would just look like this when you take that down that's taking it down considerably it's not quite as often anymore so i find the best with a coffin we still looks nice is still a tapered look but it's not quite a strong coffin some people like their coffin to be quite tapered so they want that you want this area to be a bit smaller right now it's a bit wider the idea is to make this edge here the shape and the link that you want to be and then you can taper into that free edge that makes any sense so there's two ways to do that you can do it with a drill but establish your length first I find that much easier then you can work in toward that so by taking your drill you can take off the point and establish how small that's going to be taking off this side don't go down straight on the side just take off that . established the width of what you want that edge to be so once you've established that then you got to take the sides and then with a coffin and quite interesting you don't want to take file the side straight you don't want to file it straight like this.

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And if you bend in the file you don't want to take the sides of it here and keep filing you want to do an extreme so take your coffin from this side into this . draw a line like this draw that line in your mind on both sides don't soften this edge here make it a harsh line so this is kinda awkward what I'm trying to show you because usually i'm feeling like this on my own for accuracy t there's always that under side that you want to file to make sure you get the underside as it drips under it really ruins a coffin the thing is whenever you're reshaping if you built the nail structure properly it starts thinner here gradually builds up in the center and then it comes down when you shorten it it will get thicker and thicker and thicker as you shortened so you have to take the whole thing down as well so not only did I file in shape the shape of the coffin and i also have to file the thickness down because then it just becomes a thicker now right nobody wants that so what i will do you can look down the barrel you see that thickness in here I need to take that down don't want that to be sick like that it's the right shape what you wanted to come down in order to get that you can do it with the drill take the drill and file it down this time don't want that dick nobody wants a sick now or you get the same effect with a hand file you just have to angle it you want to angle your filed on this side so we're not going like this tilting the file this way and going like that that's what's going to thin it you don't want to thin across your stress . it was just sending the free edge the angle of the file makes all the difference when your shape ok you want to check out this base beauty ok that's a shortened to coffin now we're going to move on to the almond often my clients are switching over to the almond which is awesome and beautiful shape and when they come in again they are much longer of course and they wanted shortened well before I used to kinda was doing the sides and definitely if you go one too far on one side and the other it really gets wonky so again I find the same rule is true filed and lengths to where you want it to end first-to-file up to that so just take off the tip once you establish that long you want it to be yeah then you can file the sides to taper into that so in this case I'm going to just put this little dark on here to show you talking about ok I'm just going to show you this is just the start of design see that . that's what I want to file - okay so right from this side here right from the side of the cuticle to the . i'm going to around so it's not an angle straight that would be more pointing it this I want to keep the almond shape so I'm just going to ground it and you can see if you look at that see high perfectly rounded the one side and the one side still square so now i'm going to round out the other side to match it you can do this was a drill to.

but I do find it more accurate with the hand and then you just decide how . you're going to go so if you look down the barrel of that you can see how much thinner that down to that like dolphin knows ok now a lot of clients a square square is one that you really gotta work ahead and believe it or not it sound so simple some people like a real super strong square and to get that there's a specific trick to that so when you're doing a super square nail the trick is to make the file completely flat against the tip of the nail so like this completely square if you bend it in it's going to be a dented in if you're going to go down like this it's gonna soften the corners too much so it must be completely parallel to get the very very square nail some of my clients really liked even have the corners they'll say sharp square now that i will round out in their daily routine and they come back and sometimes the corners are quite a bit softer but you do want to make sure that you're filing completely squared to it making sure you're completely flat do not bend it this way don't bend it this way and don't blow it this way when you go back and forth it must remain completely flat completely square and that way you will get completely square now the coast square that is that square man oh I do have to say one thing when you are doing a nail and you're trying to do a completely square i'm only have one hand here so what I usually do is brace it with this thumb embrace it and then i will go like that to make it completely square but when you are working with a client you need to hold it this way as your filing this edge like holding it with one hand and filing it this way because if the finger rocks at all you can turn those corners in too much softer which is why this one works so sometimes a client likes them so that the corners are around they call thats crowned with a flat surface with the round corners that's quite easy to get actually so i'm going to do that with the pinky and it's square now and we're going to make the corners quites crowned so how you do that the best ways here's how you make it square but if you angle the file so that the corners are the only ones hitting the file again you'll need to hold this steady

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